In most cases Friday's and Saturday's are the most heavily booked dates of the month. To check on our availability, please click on "Our Schedule " below to view our upcoming performances, those dates which are not in the list are still available and we accept maximum of 3 shows for a day only! Normally clients booked 6 months to 1 year before the actual day in order to make sure all the best musicians are still available on that day and able to reserve themselves for your events.
    We will send you an official quotation to your email account. Please indicate your choice of performers, type of event, duration of event, number of guests attending, venue, event date & contact number.
    Our company has a detailed Confirmation Letter for our clients to sign. This locks in the clients’ date, time, location or any special music, terms & conditions, how many guests are attending and etc. A 50% confirmation fee (non –refundable) is required to book the performers for your event. This is very important so that we can decline any other bookings on the same date as yours.
    Absolutely!. One of the most delightful things about Rhumba Fusion Band is that they are NEVER too loud! We will go to the venue 3 hours earlier to do sound check and make sure the sound quality is good enough and comfortable for everyone. We have much experience in selecting suitable songs for your events and make sure everyone is enjoying the music that we play.
    Sound System typically arrive 3 or 4 hours prior to the contracted start time, to ensure that everything is ready to go before any guests arrive, our band will arrive 1 hour later to do sound check and rehearsal (if required)
    Yes! The performers always arrive way earlier than all of your guests to do a sound check and rehearse for your wedding/ annual dinner to make it really special. It is a common and ethical practice in Malaysia to provide the performers with a decent meal so that they can give their 100% on stage for you. It’s not easy to perform when their stomachs are growling on stage during the latter part of the evening while your guests are dining in front of them. Just some simple fried rice and noodles are enough for us! ;-)
    For outstation venues out of Klang Valley, we hope that you can provide. For example, if an event dinner is in Malacca, we will depart from KL at 2pm and reach Malacca at 4pm to setup sound system and do sound check, after finish sound checking, we need room for bathing & changing clothes, then will standby to perform for the event. Normally the dinner will end at 11pm or 11.30pm, it will be very tiring if we have to drive back straight to KL again after completing the show.
    It's depend on what type of events you are holding. For weddings, we will play more on romantic and sentimental love songs, and for corporate events we will choose those songs which are suitable for your events, we play songs from Oldies to Greatest Hitz, Pop, Jazz, Chinese Classical and also various kind of instrumental performance. What we most concern is to provide more variety of song choices to suit everyone taste!
    It is possible. Talk to us and we will see what we can do for you. We sometimes have a scaled down version of our bands to fit your request. Of course, we are at our optimum 100% strength with 4 members in each band as all the musical parts are already professionally arranged for 4 persons.
    No. Once we receive your confirmation fee, no further payment is due until the day of the function. Whether we are paid before the beginning of the event, during, or after our show, it’s up to you. If you PREFER to pay in advance so you have one less thing to worry about, that's fine, of course.For Weddings, it’s very common that we receive our payment in cash as the couple prefers not to carry so much cash with them after the Dinner.
    From my past performance experiences, most hotels in Klang Valley do not provide sound system for live band, they only provide normal P.A system (2 Mics) for speeches. Only few Restaurants do provide sound system for live band, such as Noble Banquet, Oriental Banquet, Klang Centro (already charge RM2500 on using their sound system which is compulsory to pay) and Bankers club. However, their quality is only good enough for speech and CD playing, not an ideal sound system for live band. That's why we do provide high quality sound system with minimal charges if come together with band performance, it's to ensure clients will listen to good quality music and didn't get torture by the poor quality sound system.
    In Rhumba, Catherine & Jacky are brand mark. Catherine is a powerful vocalist who creates relaxed and romantic ambiances with her sweet voice, which is elegant and soulful. Clients have repeatedly requested for her memorable performance every year and she appears frequently at both public and private functions all around the country. Her genuine openness combined with her accomplished singing make her shows more delectable, delightful, and definitely much more enticing. Jacky makes the big difference from other bands as in most of the bands, every performer plays one or maximum two instruments, yet he plays six instruments! From Chinese Instruments (笛子Bamboo Flute, 葫芦丝 Gourd Pipe, 二胡 Chinese Viola ) to Western Instruments (Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Panflute, Harmonica and coming up soon Violin) to Thailand Tradisional Instruments (Vote and Kien), I believe no one knows what it is, haha.. This makes people really enjoy in watching various kind of instrumental solo performance and also very good and soothing singing performance throughout the whole events!

    In an event, cannot be denied that some people like oldies, some like pop, some like jazz yet some like Chinese folk songs, we do care about how everyone feels and we try to entertain everyone! This is the purpose of Rhumba Fusion Band! ;-)
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