Music gives the word “life” a whole new meaning. It’s like adding spices on a simple dish and magically turning it into a wonderful cuisine. Try visualizing a wedding with just conversation and vows heard, or an event with no music. *yawns*. I know! I suppose many of you do hear some songs and say it’s just another song but Stop...! What Rhumba Fusion Band offers is music which makes your heart melt, causing you to recall the pass, enabling you to dream the future, most importantly providing music which makes you FEEL!

Rhumba Fusion Band was originally formed in December 2008 in Kuala Lumpur by a group of infamous but talented yet enthusiastic members. Jacky (saxophone and bamboo flute soloist), Kenny Sim (Keyboardist cum Singer), Catherine who is our sweet and charming vocalist. These outstanding musicians travel from North to South, from East to West to bring live their best instrumental and singing performances to people. Live performance in events such as Weddings, Birthday parties, Annual dinners, Festivals and many more successful events are accomplished by Rhumba. Rhumba musicians are skilled in various kinds of instruments. They had overcome all types of scores given to them and are looking for far more challenges. An example would be Rhumba played beautiful music for One Utama Shopping Complex, Bangsar Village II Shopping Center and Center Point during Chinese New Year 2009, Asia Assistant Sdn Bhd, Pacific Insurance Sdn Bhd for Annual Dinner, Lisa, Lily, Jessie, Kelvin, Likkhai, Kelly and many more couples which i didn't mention above for Wedding Dinners Performance.

These talented musicians took part in a diverse category of performance including Instrumental Performance, Fusion Band Performance, Unplugged Performance, and many more. Such a variety of selection is possible because all of the musicians are multi instrumental performer, from Chinese instruments to Western instruments and even traditional instruments such as Erhu, Guzheng, Bamboo flute and others. Rhumba Fusion Band has only one mission and vision which is to bring the finest musical environment which anyone have ever heard or seen before. Therefore, putting together the most memorable event ever, and this will lie in the core of their hearts eternally.

If you are interested to experience this stunning musical journey, please do not hesitate to contact them at 0127655006 (Jacky) and they are immediately at your service. They handle all types of ceremony and music. As a third person speaking, I can give you my up most assurance that you will be truly satisfied and fascinated with their performance.

Signing off,
Leon Cheong

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